ENERCON is dedicated to sustainably working to meet our world’s growing energy demand and invests in new and emerging power generation processes. Our engineering teams for waste-to-energy projects have deep experience with OEMs and understand the unique complexities involved in designing, installing and operating these projects. With a diverse and mobilized workforce, we can provide local service and turnkey energy solutions.

Landfill Gas Collection & Power Generation

When developing a waste-to-energy program, it’s important to determine economic viability and sustainability, first and foremost. ENERCON’s teams support clients throughout the decision-making process by carrying out comprehensive economic evaluations. We provide our clients the full scope of each possibility, weighing economic benefit with environmental factors so they can make the best decisions for their operations.

Municipal Waste Conversion & Power Generation

We understand the challenges municipalities face when deciding to invest in this technology and our teams are available to support you through the decision-making process. ENERCON teams can provide turnkey solutions from economic evaluations through to design, installation and ongoing operations and maintenance.

BioGas Collection & Generation

Investing in a diverse power generation system can bring vast economic benefits for a business. It’s important to partner with someone who understands your operations and can provide a comprehensive economic evaluation as well as specific engineering design services that provide cost efficiencies, maximum power outputs and reduced ongoing operational costs.

Prime Movers

Boilers, Steam Turbines, Gas Turbines, Reciprocating Engines: We take a holistic approach when it comes to prime mover efficiency. Our engineers provide full-scope services to help you navigate the decision-making process when refining or installing equipment to make sure it works in conjunction with your corresponding systems and meets your output goals.

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