ENERCON’s electrical analysis group is a world-class team of engineers, committed to taking on the challenges that come from today’s growing demand for resilient electrical systems. Our engineers provide reliable solutions and effective management of power systems across nuclear, hydroelectric, natural gas, solar, wind, substation, defense, manufacturing, emergency facilities, airports, hospitals, and other mission-critical facilities.

Our teams adapt and respond to changing demands. They can implement advanced technology such as real-time power system studies, smart grid and distributed energy equipment simulation, system modeling automation, and in some instances, artificial intelligence.

Our members actively participate in working groups and committees, including: IEEE-ESSB, IEEE and NUUG, and are responsible for standards such as IEEE-450, IEEE-485, and IEEE-946. ENERCON’s EAG also participates in IEEE SCC-21 (Standards Coordinating Committee), which maintains IEEE standards for fuel cells, photovoltaics, dispersed generation, and energy storage, and the IEEE DC Battery Renewable Storage Battery working group. We also maintain the IEEE SC-4 (Auxiliary Power) working group and maintain the SC-4 website. Our engineers are front-and-center in the development and approval of various IEEE standards, including diesel generator modeling, motor-operated valve (MOV) analysis, degraded grid, and cables.

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