ENERCON was asked to design two electrical throwover vaults for the Aston Martin Residences building in Miami, FL. One vault dedicated to 480V house loads and one for 208 EV charging loads. These vaults included medium and low voltage equipment to supply power to the whole multistory building for over 2500kVA load.

Scope of the project:

  • Install 2000′ of 750CU EPR 25kV UG conductor from existing manhole system into proposed vaults
  • Install 1600′ of 1/0A XPE25kV UG conductor for both main vaults and stack system into proposed vaults
  • Properly size the transformers to accommodate EV charging load, accounting for future EV adoption and long-term transformer heating concerns
    • 312 Level 2 charging ports, 4.8MW at 120/208V

Our outcome:

  • Designed (2) main throwover vault rooms
    • 120/208V – 6000 Amps for 156 L2 EV charging stations
    • 277/480V – 8500 Amps for house loads (retail, lighting, elevators, fire pump, etc.)
  • Designed (18) floor stack vaults powering 365 units
  • Provided UG feeder design and permitting
  • Planned all vault lighting and secondary/service conductor installations in both vaults
  • Planned and installed secondary bus collector systems in main vaults
  • Planned and installed all Current Transformers (CTs) for customer metering
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