ENERCON performed a structural feasibility study that evaluated the conversion of an existing warehouse structure to a single-story data center facility.  A detailed structural analysis was performed of the main structural steel framing system to provide a “Go” or “No Go” recommendation for using the facility.  ENERCON performed the structural evaluation using the criteria contained in the International Building Code, 2015 Edition (IBC-2015) and the associated design loads (such as dead weight, live loads, wind, and seismic).  The structural framing inputs for the model were based on the existing plant drawings and on-site walkdowns.

ENERCON’s structural analysis using the computer program STAAD concluded that the existing structural columns, roof joists, roof decking, column foundations and interior slabs for the existing warehouse structure were substantially overloaded for the required loading conditions.  Additional manual calculations that were performed to validate the STAAD computer results also concluded that that the warehouse structure was substantially overloaded.  Based on the STAAD and manual calculations, ENERCON concluded that the existing warehouse structure was not adequate for the required loadings for the proposed data center facility.

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