An ENERCON client recently maximized their existing facilities by repurposing an existing annex building within their power generation facilities, to accommodate a growing demand for mission critical infrastructure.

Constructed in the 1980s, the original two-story office building, with concrete and precast floors, was intended for office use only and couldn’t accommodate loading demands for critical systems and equipment. ENERCON conducted initial surveying, which uncovered outdated MEP systems were, asbestos tiling, and degraded building cladding.

ENERCON teamed with a local architectural firm to develop a full set of demolition, architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical drawings to repurpose the building.

Drawing from proven experience in retrofitting mission critical facilities, the ENERCON team was able to cut costs and save on schedule by preserving structural and MEP system components and providing support for critical construction sequencing.

As the prime engineer, ENERCON designed a number of upgrades to the facility including:

  • Removal of existing concrete base mat floor and re-developed thicker slab to take heavy loads
  • Added larger doors that met applicable wind load requirements
  • Incorporated higher bay areas on the second floor
  • Installation of an interior crane system with independent structural framing
  • Security doors and windows, monitoring cameras, and tie-ins to the existing site security system, along with appropriate UPS systems to ensure no down-time
  • Designed new condensing unit and new air-handler units
  • Reallocated and assured appropriate power source to accommodate new security functions
  • Integrated new lighting, finishing, receptacle, plumbing, and HVAC, including new bathroom and office configurations
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