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ENERCON provides a wide range of services for renewable energy projects. We have successfully sited and permitted both wind and solar developments and provided operational support for hydro and geothermal facilities. Our environmental capabilities span the entire lifespan of a renewable energy source from environmental assessments and feasibility studies, to repowering and decommissioning.  Our engineering personnel have worked on all aspects of renewable energy interconnections, including design work for transmission, substation and distribution lines associated with new installations.

ENERCON can support all Renewable Energy Technologies including:

  • Wind
  • Solar Photovoltaic
  • Concentrating Solar
  • Hydropower
  • Geothermal

Major Services

Environmental Services for Renewable Energy Producers

  1. ENERCON has a full suite of environmental services to support wind and solar power generators, seeking to site a new generation farm, remain in environmental compliance, to remediation and decommissioning.  Some of our services directly related to renewable energy include:

    1. Avian & Bat Surveys and Conservation Plans
    2. Shadow Flicker Modeling
    3. National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Analysis and Support
    4. Wetlands Delineation
    5. Cultural, Archeological, and Historical Site Assessments
    6. Glare & Shading Analyses for Solar
    7. Permitting 
    8. Encroachment Studies
    9. Due Diligence
    10. Environmental Compliance, such as Water Resources, Spill Control, and Air

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Engineering for Power Delivery Infrastructure

  1. ENERCON has been supporting the power industry with engineering services for over 35 years.  Over this time, we have developed a deep understanding of requirements and power delivery needs.  Some of the services specific to renewable energy includes:

    1. Interconnection Analysis and Engineering for Interconnection to Existing Grids
    2. Transmission Engineering and Design
    3. Distribution Engineering and Design
    4. Substation Engineering and Design
    5. Collector System and Switchyard Engineering & Design
    6. Cable and Conductor Ampacity Studies
    7. System Load Flow, Short Circuit and Capacity Studies
    8. Grounding Analysis and Design
    9. Co-Located Battery Storage
    10. Complete Civil & Structural Engineering

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Surveying and Mapping

  1. Aerial Mapping
  2. Digital Ortho-Photography
  3. LiDAR
  4. Bathymetric Surveys
  5. 3D Utility Location
  6. Conventional Surveying - ROW, Construction Surveys, As-Built Surveys

ENERCON Support for Key Renewable Issues

Site and Environmental Feasibility Assessments

  1. Critical Issues Analysis
  2. Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)
  3. Biological Resource Assessments
  4. Avian and Bat Surveys
  5. Bird and Bat Conservation Strategy (BBCS)
  6. Nest Surveys
  7. Habitat Conservation Planning
  8. Presence/Absence Support
  9. Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys
  10. Wetland Delineation
  11. Vegetation Surveys
  12. Passive Acoustic Monitoring

Facility & Corridor Siting

  1. Geotechnical Investigations
  2. Site Engineering, Grading, and Drainage
  3. Development of Mitigation Plans
  4. Local, State, and Federal Permitting
  5. Expert Testimony at Hearings
  6. Public Hearing and Agency Representation
  7. Monitoring of Compliance with Permits
  8. Micro-Siting

Interconnection to Existing Grids

  1. The ENERCON team provides complete support for renewable interconnection to new and existing transmission and distribution networks. Our staff will provide project approaches that effectively utilize existing infrastructure, while supporting complete design of all new facilities needed to interconnect renewable generation. We blend our project teams with engineers, designers, analysts, environmental scientists and project managers to facilitate wholistic project approaches that maximize the effectiveness of the new facility while minimizing the impact to the environment and communities being served.

Repower or Decommission

  1. As many wind power sites near the end of their useful life, the industry is faced with a choice of either decommissioning or re-powering.  ENERCON has developed and implemented repowering plans that include removal of existing turbines, environmental restoration, and the installation of newer, larger turbines to increase power output.