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The Role of Risk-Informed in Advanced Reactors

By: Justin Wheat Many in the nuclear power industry generally understand what a PRA (probabilistic risk assessment) model is, but how can a PRA model be applied to conceptual advanced reactor designs? It is helpful to first understand the deterministic philosophy that was utilized in the design and licensing of the existing fleet of light-water […]

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Functional Containment in Nuclear Safety

Those familiar with light water reactor (LWR) power plant design will recall that the containment building is the third and final line of defense (behind the fuel cladding and the reactor coolant pressure boundary) for radionuclide release. The containment is a pressure retaining, low leakage structure with prescriptive design requirements. A typical containment structure sits […]

Advanced Nuclear Outlook

It would be an understatement to say that 2021 was an exciting year for advanced reactors in the US. TerraPower-GE Hitachi and X-Energy’s flagship ARDP demonstration designs have found their respective homes in Kemmerer, WY and Richland, WA. The DoD’s Project Pele has down-selected to BWXT and X-Energy designs of mobile microreactors. Kairos is making […]

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Advanced Reactor Stakeholder Public Meeting

An early topic in the meeting was related to the status of the advanced reactor generic environmental impact statement and rulemaking. The proposed rule package is publicly available and is with the NRC Commission for review and vote. If the Commission votes to approve, there will be a 75-day public comment period. The rulemaking information […]

Great American Teach-In
The Great American Teach-In

ENERCON engineers are passionate about developing the next generation of engineers and rarely pass on an opportunity to promote STEM to school-aged students. As such, two of our Power Delivery distribution engineers in Tampa, FL, celebrated American Education Week by participating in the Great American Teach-In. On November 18th our engineers virtually presented to 60 […]

Risk Informed Alternative Treatments for the Environmental Qualification Program
Risk Informed Alternative Treatments for the Environmental Qualification Program

By: Jared Monroe As the nuclear industry continues to adopt risk-informed processes through 10 CFR 50.69, sites are implementing alternate treatments as a means to save money. One area of interest throughout the industry is the implementation of Alternate Treatments (AT) for equipment in the scope of the Environmental Qualification (EQ) program.  EQ equipment classified […]

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ENERCON’s Kristina Angiulli Featured in FMEA’s Investing in Diversity Article

We are extremely honored to have our Power Delivery Manger, Kristina Angiulli, featured in FMEA’s Florida Public Power: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Practice 2021 Relay magazine. See below for her feature in the article: Investing in Diversity.

Final Rule Issued to Extend Pipeline Reporting Requirements

PHMSA issued this Final Rule on November 2, 2021, and it has been submitted to the Office of the Federal Register for publication. Although PHMSA has taken steps to ensure the accuracy of this version of the Final Rule posted on the PHMSA website and will post it in the docket (no. PHMSA-2011-0023) on the […]

Test, Research, and Training Reactors Sustain Industry Progress

The 2021 Test, Research and Training Reactors (TRTR) Annual Conference concluded on Thursday, October 21, as closing remarks were made by Mr. Ayman Hawari, Chair of the TRTR Executive Committee. This virtual, four-day conference covered a broad array of topics and challenges for the US TRTR fleet, primarily composed of national lab and university member […]

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