The Great American Teach-In

ENERCON engineers are passionate about developing the next generation of engineers and rarely pass on an opportunity to promote STEM to school-aged students.

As such, two of our Power Delivery distribution engineers in Tampa, FL, celebrated American Education Week by participating in the Great American Teach-In.

On November 18th our engineers virtually presented to 60 students at MacFarlane Park Elementary Magnet School on “How Electricity Gets to Your Home”, encouraging engagement and participation from the 5th grade class. They explained the types of engineering projects ENERCON conducts and the importance of those projects on America’s electric power grid.

“The students were engaged throughout the entire presentation. They loved learning about how power is generated and then delivered to their homes. They were most surprised to hear of all the planning and engineering work that goes into those systems,” said Tatiana Elias, one of the presenting engineers.

“I was so proud to share my profession and hopefully make an impact on the students.”

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