Group photo 2022 USNIC AR Summit
2022 USNIC AR Summit

By: Nathan Jackson The 2022 USNIC AR Summit was a key event in gathering stakeholders, suppliers, regulators, and financial backers in the nuclear industry together. The energy and optimism during the summit were exciting to see and indicates a strong market force for nuclear to thrive in the coming decades. Canada has established itself as […]

Young woman is working in a control room
Risk-Informed Physical Security

In August 1995, the USNRC published a policy statement endorsing the use of PRA methods to reduce unnecessary conservatisms associated with current regulatory requirements.  The implementation of risk-informed guidance has resulted in cost beneficial changes to plant operations while maintaining or improving safety. Applying the lessons learned from risk-informing power operations provides an opportunity to […]

Electric trucks in charging station
Why the Electrification of Commercial Vehicles is a Game Changer

By: Forrest Lee As the electrification of America’s commercial fleets continues to accelerate, companies are recognizing the astounding business & economic opportunities accompanied by Electric Vehicles (EVs), from productivity gains and reduced operating costs, to achieving their Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and reduction in harmful GHG and Toxic air emissions. […]

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Use of PRA to Support Selection of Licensing Basis Events for Advanced Reactors

SECY-19-0117 (December 2, 2019) and Regulatory Guide 1.233 Revision 0 (June 2020) provide the regulatory guidance for a technology-inclusive, risk-informed, and performance-based methodology to inform the licensing basis and content for applications of licenses, certifications, and approvals for non-light water reactors. NEI 18-04 Revision 0 (August 2019) provides the risk-informed performance-based technology Inclusive guidance for […]

Person in hard hat looking at facility
Nuclear Plant License Renewal – From Feasibility to Beyond NRC Approval

By: Matt Brunton, License Renewal Group License Renewal (LR) and Subsequent License Renewal (SLR) are important initiatives for all utilities aiming to extend the service life of their nuclear power plants.  LR and SLR are key service areas for ENERCON; we forecast LR and SLR will be a source of significant growth through the 2020s […]

Fragment of a fuel rod element of a nuclear reactor
HALEU: A Key to Advanced Nuclear Designs

According to a USNIC working group meeting last month, there is a push to fund a High-Assay Low-Enrichment Uranium (HALEU) facility in 2030. Here, we explain some of the developments that are set to bolster the supply of HALEU & support advanced nuclear projects throughout the us. High-Assay Low-Enrichment Uranium (HALEU), Uranium Enriched between 5% […]

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The Role of Risk-Informed in Advanced Reactors

By: Justin Wheat Many in the nuclear power industry generally understand what a PRA (probabilistic risk assessment) model is, but how can a PRA model be applied to conceptual advanced reactor designs? It is helpful to first understand the deterministic philosophy that was utilized in the design and licensing of the existing fleet of light-water […]

Neon Colorful Tunnel Door Abstract Speed Blurred Motion Rotor Long Exposure Swirl Spiral Circle Wave Pattern
Functional Containment in Nuclear Safety

Those familiar with light water reactor (LWR) power plant design will recall that the containment building is the third and final line of defense (behind the fuel cladding and the reactor coolant pressure boundary) for radionuclide release. The containment is a pressure retaining, low leakage structure with prescriptive design requirements. A typical containment structure sits […]

Advanced Nuclear Outlook

It would be an understatement to say that 2021 was an exciting year for advanced reactors in the US. TerraPower-GE Hitachi and X-Energy’s flagship ARDP demonstration designs have found their respective homes in Kemmerer, WY and Richland, WA. The DoD’s Project Pele has down-selected to BWXT and X-Energy designs of mobile microreactors. Kairos is making […]

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