Nuclear Plant License Renewal – From Feasibility to Beyond NRC Approval

By: Matt Brunton, License Renewal Group

License Renewal Process

License Renewal (LR) and Subsequent License Renewal (SLR) are important initiatives for all utilities aiming to extend the service life of their nuclear power plants.  LR and SLR are key service areas for ENERCON; we forecast LR and SLR will be a source of significant growth through the 2020s and beyond.  There are 85 plants in the US currently actively seeking or implementing LR or SLR (an additional 20 years). Over 60 units are forecasted to move to Subsequent LR in the next decade*.

Many states, and internationally, many countries, have set aggressive carbon reduction goals, and most agree that nuclear generation is going to be a key requirement to keep the lights on while achieving these goals. Nuclear plants employ thousands from the local areas and have a significant positive economic impact for surrounding communities. From social justice and environmental stewardship standpoints, the rigor of analysis, planning, and oversight have meant that nuclear plants score very well in these areas of ever-increasing importance.  LR and SLR fulfills much more than the promise of continued access to safe and affordable zero carbon power, and we at ENERCON are proud to partnering with our clients to innovate and provide leadership in this vital area.

Source: NEI 2020 Survey Results

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