The Key to Success is Continual Learning

By Colton K. Palmer

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The challenging and highly technical nature of our work at ENERCON makes it paramount to have a diverse, yet deep, technical skillset. The combination of a wide breadth of projects and associated complex technical challenges of our clients means that our teams are consistently improving our knowledge base to deliver results for our clients. Our in-house teams of subject matter experts (SME) and ENERCON’s culture and focus on continual learning produces not only excellent engineering products for our clients but also highly skilled engineers.

Having worked with ENERCON for 6+ years, I can say that one of the most rewarding elements of my job is the opportunity for continual learning. My team’s engineers have a holistic understanding of the power systems and how they interact together, coupled with extremely robust technical skillsets built from exposure to many highly complex projects.

Furthermore, our engineers experience projects across their entire lifecycle, from conception and engineering feasibility studies, all the way through installation and commissioning. The result is a team of engineers and subject matter experts that are highly skilled, who understand how to design and install complex solutions, and are versatile enough to adapt to evolving client needs and priorities. While it has been challenging, working as part of the greater ENERCON team has been an incredible learning experience and one for which I am extremely grateful.

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