ENERCON Joins the Fusion Industry Association

ENERCON is proud to have joined the Fusion Industry Association (FIA) as an Affiliate Member. The FIA is a non-profit organization that combines scientific, political, government, and media expertise to help accelerate the development of fusion power for a clean energy future. As the unified voice of the fusion industry, FIA is working towards the transformation of the energy system through the goal of commercially viable fusion power. FIA has recently supported a multi-million-dollar public-private partnership program with the U.S. Department of Energy.

As a leader in America’s energy transition, ENERCON’s partnership brings our unmatched engineering, analysis, licensing, and environmental expertise to the rapidly growing fusion industry. This comes at a pivotal time when many fusion vendors are requesting engineering support in the development of demonstration units for commercial viability. ENERCON looks forward to helping solve the technical and regulatory challenges facing this industry.

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