ENERCON’s electrical analysis group is a world-class team of engineers, committed to taking on the challenges that come from today’s growing demand for resilient electrical systems. Our teams adapt and respond to changing demands. They can implement advanced technology such as real-time power system studies, smart grid and distributed energy equipment simulation, system modeling automation, and in some instances, artificial intelligence.

Low Voltage Issues / Equipment Operations or Performance Issues

As industrial, power generation, and manufacturing facilities expand production and operate beyond the originally commissioned time frames, equipment performance degrades, and various parts of the facilities can encounter low voltage issues. ENERCON’s team can provide services to inspect and catalog equipment with the purpose of developing analytical tools that accurately identifies the bottlenecks of the system. With an accurate representation of the facility, ENERCON can develop strategies both analytically and procedurally to address facility performance issues as well as to increase throughput.

Mission Critical

Mission critical equipment failures and unexpected outages are realities. ENERCON’s vast experience throughout multiple sectors and our team’s ability to promptly respond to immediate service disruptions makes ENERCON ideally suited to address equipment failures and unexpected outages at mission critical facilities.

What-if Studies

A facility’s ability to have information available for long range plans regarding system re-configurations, can result in more decisive actions to realize more throughput. ENERCON has the creativity and experience to think of new facility designs and perform analysis for different system re-configurations. ENERCON has performed such studies that have allowed plant management to make smart decisions on where to invest in facility upgrades to realize potential gains.

Regulatory / Licensing Support

ENERCON’s team can provide inspection related services for plant utilities for pre and post inspection audits. The electrical analysis team has experience in providing support review of electrical calculations and their relation to plant licensing and regulatory framework in order to craft the best response to targeted audit concerns.

System Protection

ENERCON can craft a unique design protection system that solves various design function needs. Whether it is to fully utilize the accuracy and enhanced functionality of digital relays, adapt existing protection to be more robust or more flexible, or providing a comprehensive assessment of gaps in protection at a facility, ENERCON has the capability to provide the system protection services.


ENERCON’s integrated analysis and design team has performs equipment upgrades due to obsolescence and normal wear and tear including evaluation of a combination of all other as-designed plant modification.

Arc Flash – OSHA Compliance

As facilities continue to re-design plants and expand services, they must consider the implications of protecting personnel safety and complying with OSHA arc flash regulations. ENERCON regularly provides services to perform arc flash studies for industrial, commercial, and power generation facilities. The arc flash studies provide a basis for using different mitigating and risk elimination strategies for arc flash hazards.

Data Manipulation / Extraction

As facilities gather data to make smarter real-time operational decisions, data extraction and manipulation become paramount. ENERCON provides services to perform programming to sift through big data collection and read and manipulate data from various databases with intention of representing data sets that can be visually useful to make critical decisions.

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