As a leader in engineering services for Environmental Qualification (EQ), ENERCON is familiar with the regulatory requirements in 10 CFR 50.49, regulatory guidance within RG 1.89 and IEB 79-01, and industry guidance documents such as IEEE-323.

Our specialist EQ teams are multi-disciplined and include PEs, PhDs, and subject matter experts with 30+ years of experience in all aspects of EQ, including procurement, program maintenance, and technical evaluations.

Key Services

ENERCON can provide the following key services related to equipment qualification. Read below or click here to download our brochure.

  • Qualification Analyses
  • Qualification Package Creation / Revision
  • Correction of Non-Conforming Conditions
  • Emergent Issue Support
  • Design Basis Assurance Inspection (DBAI) Support
  • License Renewal and Subsequent License Renewal Implementation Updates
  • Expert Third-Party Reviews
  • EQ Training
  • EQ Program Updates to Procedures or Program Basis Documents
  • Backlog Reduction of CAP Items, Outstanding Design Changes, etc.
  • Adverse Localized Environment Identification and Incorporation of Impact into the EQ Program
  • Fuel Cycle Change Updates (CAVEX, power uprate, cycle length change, etc.)
  • Accident Analysis Updates (MSIV leakage changes, alternate source terms, changes in fuel type, etc.)
  • Alternate Treatment of EQ equipment in support of 10 CFR 50.69
  • Radiation Shielding and Design Basis Analyses (MicroShield, MCNP, Excel, etc.)
  • Thermohydraulic Analyses (GOTHIC, RELAP, PROTOFLOW, etc.)

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