Our Licensing, Compliance and Regulatory teams bring together a roster of subject matter experts spanning all aspects of licensing, compliance, emergency planning and decommissioning planning to help anticipate and address client regulatory challenges. ENERCON has a proven track record of advising clients through complex regulatory issues, enabling us to develop complex capabilities, tools, and processes to help clients implement cost savings initiatives and focus on creating value. Our staff has developed unparalleled knowledge of the regulatory environment through our experience advising and representing clients before the NRC, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), and other state and federal regulatory agencies.

Regulatory Support

ENERCON uses a combination of full and part-time staff including former NRC Branch Chiefs, Division Directors, Office Directors and senior utility staff with decades of experience to provide independent evaluations and support of:

  • licensing basis research
  • developing strategy papers for compliance & licensing issues
  • preparation of 10 CFR 30, 40, 50, 52, 53 & 70 license applications
  • preparation of license amendment requests per 10 CFR 50.90
  • operating performance of facilities
  • engineering, licensing, operations, and maintenance programs
  • regulatory compliance and enforcement issues (ROP)
  • 50.59 support
  • spent nuclear fuel storage
  • plant protection and security
  • radioactive waste management
  • decommissioning planning and submittals
  • allegations, employee concerns, safety conscious work environment, and safety culture
  • community outreach
  • NRC communications
  • emergency planning
  • license termination
  • training and mentoring of regulatory staff
  • independent reviews

Compliance Support

ENERCON staff have extensive experience in the NRC’s Enforcement Policy, Reactor Oversight Process (ROP), and Allegation Programs. We regularly support numerous clients in preparing for NRC periodic, supplemental, and reactive inspections as determined by the plant’s position in the ROP Action Matrix, or in response to plant events or conditions. Examples of key inspection areas where our staff regularly assist clients include:

  • Performing Mock Inspections & Audits
  • Supplemental Inspection Procedure 95001 / 95002 / 95003 Issues
  • Changes, Tests, & Experiments (50.59)
  • Component Design Basis Inspection
  • Problem Identification & Resolution
  • Safety Culture Assessments
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