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ENERCON has been supporting the nuclear power industry for over 35 years and is on leading edge of solving the industry's most pressing issues and enhancing economic viability.  With the broad range of services provided, we are able to tackle the key issues to enable the power generators to enhance their economic viability while fully maintaining public safety and environmental stewardship.  ENERCON has:

  • Engineer of Choice contracts at 80% of operators
  • Active projects at almost 100% of power plants
  • NUPIC Qualified and Audited QA Program
  • Personnel participation in key industry initiatives

Major Services

Engineering Services for the Nuclear Industry

  1. ENERCON is ranked as one of the largest providers of engineering design services to the U.S. Nuclear Industry. Our Engineer of Choice contracts with over 80% of the operating U.S. nuclear power plants allows us to efficiently provide high quality services for both large and small scope projects.

    1. Design Engineering
    2. Facility Modifications
    3. Safety Analysis Services
    4. Probabilistic Risk Assessments
    5. Fire Protection
    6. Civil & Structural Engineering
    7. Missile Shield Design
    8. Operability Assessments

  2. Our over 650 engineers, many with significant operating plant experience, are experienced in the full range of routine and complex engineering design and analysis services required to support the industry's needs.

Environmental Services for the Nuclear Industry

  1. We have extensive experiencing supporting the environmental needs associated with major plant projects like plant license renewals and power uprates. Our environmental organization also provides the operational support services needed to comply with federal, state, and individual plant operating license requirements. A sample of our services are:

    1. Flooding Evaluations
    2. Groundwater Evaluations
    3. Site Assessments
    4. EPA 316(a) and (b) Evaluations
    5. Habitat Restoration
    6. Cooling Pond Restoration

  2. ENERCON's environmental engineers and scientists can provide the full range of environmental services required to support the industry's needs.

Licensing and Regulatory Support

  1. We have been providing overall licensing leadership, strategy development, planning, licensing product oversight and development, and implementation for both large projects and routine licensing actions. With our significant regulatory and licensing experience, combined with extensive experience interfacing directly with the NRC we have a demonstrated capability to develop and execute complex regulatory actions. 

  2. ENERCON's licensing staff is supplemented by Talisman International, a wholly owned subsidiary of ENERCON, whose employees and senior consultants have extensive experience as either senior managers at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) or operating nuclear utility companies.  Talisman personnel have significant experience in both the regulation and management of nuclear power plant operations, security, high and low-level waste issues, agreement state issues, and the resolution of related engineering and licensing issues. 

  3. Our Services include:

  4. Operating Plant Licensing Support
  5. ENERCON licensing staff has extensive experience with and knowledge of NRC regulations, NRC guidance, and regulatory processes, and are able to support large project submittals, review of technical content, and ensure regulatory requirements are met. 

  6. Capabilities include:

    1. Regulatory strategy development and assessment of regulatory positions
    2. Large project regulatory support, such as power uprate, NFPA 805, Fukushima Order response and license renewal applications
    3. Submittal development including:
      1. License Amendment Requests (LAR)
      2. Exemptions
      3. License Renewal/Subsequent License Renewal
      4. 10 CFR 50.55a Requests
      5. Order and 10 CFR 50.54(f) Responses
      6. Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI) licensing
    4. Development of validation packages for regulatory submittals
    5. Coordination and support of site review and approval meetings
    6. NRC pre-application meeting preparation and support
    7. NRC communications support
    8. Request for Additional Information (RAI) response support 
    9. Site Implementation Support
    10. Regulatory Impacts Review
    11. Regulatory Department Infrastructure
      1. Licensing Program and Process Support
      2. Self-Assessments

  7. Operating Plant Compliance Support
  8. ENERCON regulatory compliance staff has extensive knowledge and experience providing on-site and off-site regulatory compliance services.  The compliance staff can provide a full range of compliance support, including compliance mentoring and management of day-to-day compliance tasks.

  9. On-Site and Off-Site capabilities include:

    1. Reportability Reviews, in accordance with NUREG 1022 Rev. 3
    2. NRC Inspection/Audit Preparation and Support
    3. Regulatory Conference Preparation Support
    4. Enforcement Conference Preparation Support
    5. NRC Violation Support
    6. NRC Submittal Development and Review
    7. NRC Commitment Review and Classification, in accordance with NEI 99-04
    8. Root Cause Analysis Team Support

  10. Decommissioning Regulatory Support
  11. ENERCON can support plants from the beginning of planning for decommissioning through completion.  We support plants by providing regulatory leadership, strategy development, strategic planning, decommissioning project plan development, and decommissioning submittal development, review and oversight.

  12. Capabilities include:

    1. Strategic Planning
    2. Regulatory Submittal Strategy Development
    3. Regulatory Submittal Planning
    4. Regulatory Submittal Development
    5. Regulatory Review Support
    6. Emergency Planning submittals to support decommissioning staff reductions

  13. See our full suite of decommissioning services. 

Emergency Preparedness

  1. Since its inception in 1983, ENERCON has been a leading provider of emergency preparedness services for the nuclear power industry. From Three Mile Island to Fukushima, ENERCON has a long history of supporting operating plant EP programs and helping our clients effectively manage evolving technical and regulatory challenges. ENERCON is an industry leader in providing EP support to new reactor technologies and clients interested in deploying new technologies.

  2. Our key ENERCON EP staff average over 20 years of nuclear power experience, and is a multi-disciplined group of professionals with decades of experience in:

    1. Emergency Preparedness Program Development & Implementation (former fleet and station EP managers)
    2. Training Program Development, Implementation & Presentation (Instructional Technologists)
    3. Licensing and Regulatory Affairs
    4. Radiation Protection (Certified Health Physicists)
    5. Engineering Support (licensed Professional Engineers)

  3.  ENERCON provides a broad range of services including:

    1. Developing and upgrading Emergency plans and procedures
    2. Developing and enhancing training for the ERO and EP Program staff
    3. Developing scenarios and providing support for the conduct and evaluation of emergency plan drills and exercises
    4. Upgrading the design of emergency response facilities
    5. Performing NEI 10-05 and 12-01 on-shift staffing studies
    6. Evaluating emergency notification systems, dose projection, and potential impacts of multi-plant accidents
    7. Performing self-assessments on the effectiveness of emergency preparedness programs
    8. License amendments addressing revisions to the ERO, including implementing actions (i.e. procedure revisions and updates to staffing analysis)
    9. Emergency Plan changes to address decommissioning, including regulatory exemptions
    10. Gap Assessments to address 10CFR50.155 (new MBDBE rule)
    11. Emergency Action Level (EAL) upgrade projects and development of EALs in support of new reactor technologies
    12. Early Site Permit Applications, Combined License Applications, and siting studies

Power Plant Decommissioning

  1. Building upon our prior experience in the decommissioning of university and test reactors and our support to the early reactor decommissioning efforts, and ENERCON's on-going extensive plant experience, we provide a wide range of services for decommissioning.

    1. Decommissioning Strategy Development
    2. Cost Estimate Development
    3. Licensing & Regulatory Support
    4. Post-Shutdown Engineering Modifications
    5. Plant Dismantlement Engineering Support
    6. Security and Emergency Preparedness Optimization
    7. ISFSI Design
    1. Environmental Support such as Final Status Surveys per MARSSIM and MARSAME

  2. See our full suite of decommissioning services.

New Plant and Advanced Reactor Services

  1. ENERCON provides services assisting utilities in the siting and licensing of new generating assets as well as the engineering and licensing of advanced reactor designs including small modular reactors (SMRs).

    1. Site Suitability Assessments
    2. COLA Support
    3. Development of Regulatory Infrastructure in Emerging Nuclear Markets
    4. Licensing Services for Advanced Reactor Designs
    5. Emergency Preparedness Services for Advanced Reactor Designs
    6. Engineering Services for Advanced Reactor Designs

Key Industry Drivers

ENERCON is fully committed to supporting our nuclear power clients with services focused on issues that help the industry achieve the nuclear promise, by actively participating in industry working groups that support these initiatives. 

  • Innovation and Cost Savings
  • Risk-Informed Operational Improvements
  • Plant Life Extension & License/Subsequent License Renewal
  • Digital Upgrades
  • Cyber Security
  • Physical Security Assessments and Upgrades
  • Power Uprate
  • ISFSI Design
  • Utilizing Flex Equipment for Operational Efficiency