The unprecedented role data and communication systems play in today’s world means demand for reliable mission-critical facilities is higher than ever. For over three decades, ENERCON has delivered end-to-end engineering design and analyses to some of the most innovative and demanding companies; combining the brightest minds with new technology and solutions.

Our teams are experienced in the refresh of critical infrastructure facilities as well as performing physical conditions assessments for existing equipment and designing facility retrofits.

System Reliability and Availability

Our teams have significant experience refreshing and upgrading critical facility infrastructure to maximize the uptime and availability of data center facilities.

Electrical Engineering

Having robust Power Generation and Power Delivery engineering teams under one roof, including specialized electrical analysis capabilities, means more streamlined project delivery and expedited schedule.

We have extensive design experience with diesel generation and the transfer systems required to enable uninterrupted power.  Modeling the thermal, electrical and environmental system parameters across all ambient conditions allows for high system reliability and availability.

Electrical Analysis

Our analysis team uses many software tools for arc flash, coordination, grounding and load flow modeling to ensure safe and reliable AC and DC electrical systems.

Instrumentation & Controls

Our teams are experienced in designing and upgrading I&C systems, including specialized fire protection, cable management and security systems, that deliver maximum visibility to operations and a proactive approach to risk identification and mitigation.

Mechanical Engineering

Our teams have extensive analytical and design experience related to complex HVAC systems, including chillers, cooling towers, CRAC and CRAH units, package DX units and associated building control systems.  Additionally, we provide thermal modeling, design of heat exchangers and piping systems, water treatment and chemical injection skids, and fire suppression systems.

Designing for Resiliency

Sound equipment and structural designs ensure critical power facilities remain operational during adverse weather conditions and other external natural hazards, which is why we have developed robust and cost-effective facility designs as well as efficient evaluation strategies/retrofit designs for at-risk equipment.


In addition to designing new robust and efficient facilities, ENERCON’s civil and structural engineering specialists can provide qualitative physical condition assessments, quantitative analysis and efficient retrofit support designs for MEP equipment, equipment racks, raceways, piping and associated anchorage.

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