Slate: Real-Time Project Intelligence

ENERCON’s geospatial teams have developed a revolutionary GIS-based service called Slate, that delivers real-time data straight to you and your stakeholders, in a clear, easy-to-interpret format.

Slate’s web-based operational dashboards bridge the gap between data acquisition and project management by providing pertinent metrics and immediate project intelligence in a clear and useful visual report. The dashboards can be accessed anywhere, anytime through a web browser, providing access to all your stakeholders without additional software or applications. Geospatial data can also be integrated into our client’s existing GIS systems, making the transfer of information seamless.

Slate’s data management system consolidates three components: 1) field data collection, 2) geospatial data management, and 3) web-based data viewers to summarize complex data into useable formats for project managers and stakeholders.

For field data collection, Slate provides smart data collection forms that allow our field staff to collect data using GPS units and mobile devices. The smart forms are highly customizable and allow for data collection using over 27 input types, including picklist, date/time, photos, GPS tags, audio, signature, email, weather, etc. The forms are connected to ENERCON’s cloud-based data management system via cellular networks. This connection allows for the data to be available anytime to all stakeholders involved.

Geospatial data management is enabled through GPS coordinates that are collected with each form and links data to a real-world location. Each entry into the digital data collection form is translated into attributes within a GIS database, which enables ENERCON to complete any necessary complex geospatial analysis.

Slate is successfully being used by ENERCON’s Environmental Inspection Program on multiple large linear constructions projects and our Pipeline Integrity Services. That said, we are actively developing new Slate Platforms to integrate into many of our environmental and power delivery services.

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