NAYGN Announces New Leadership

A new generation is taking charge of ENERCON’s NAYGN chapters, and they have big plans to promote change and redefine what it means to be an active member of the organization.

North American Young Generation in Nuclear – or NAYGN – is a non-profit, grassroots organization of young professionals in the nuclear science and technology fields. The organization operates on national and international levels and is comprised of smaller, local chapters, regional leads, and the “core” governing body that runs the organization on a continental level. ENERCON currently has four chapters located in Atlanta GA, Baton Rouge LA, Chicago IL, and Kansas City KS.

Farrah Khanpour is the newly elected president for ENERCON’s flagship chapter out of Atlanta, GA. Khanpour is a civil engineer with ENERCON and is excited about increasing her chapter’s public exposure and bolstering their engagement in the community. To achieve this, she will be introducing new initiatives that have never been explored in ENERCON NAYGN chapters before. She will also be advancing initiatives that have been used in the past.

Khanpour’s new initiatives include increasing and redeveloping their chapter’s social media presence and volunteering at local schools at least four times a year to increase their public presence.

“We want to increase our social media presence in order to have a wider reach to the public and other chapters. Social media is a wonderful platform to share both our NAYGN message and our ENERCON brand to a greater number of people. We plan on implementing this by becoming more active on all NAYGN social media platforms,” said Khanpour.

ENERCON currently has an official Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn account that is utilized by the four NAYGN chapters. Khanpour plans on creating a ‘Social Media Chair’ cabinet position in the Atlanta chapter executive committee to run those accounts and post weekly about their activities and accomplishments.

In addition to developing a strong social media presence, Khanpour wants to increase the Atlanta chapter’s participation in public outreach to educate and inform the public about Nuclear Energy and the positive impact it has on our future. Khanpour plans on engaging with elementary/middle schools by doing book readings and teaching them basic nuclear energy through fun hands-on activities. She is also exploring ways to engage with various colleges to encourage and excite young graduates to get involved and pursue careers in the Nuclear industry.

The national NAYGN organization has a large focus on education for all ages. They prove that the more you know, the more you can promote change and support your local community. They even took the time to develop two children’s books that local chapters such as ours can read when presenting at schools to get young children excited and engaged about nuclear energy and how it works to power the activities they enjoy in their daily lives.

“I am passionate about NAYGN because I believe in the nuclear industry and share NAYGN’s vision of developing leaders to energize the future of nuclear!”

“My personal mission is to continue to engage and inspire both the members in the nuclear industry as well as the public,” said Khanpour.

Overall, Farah said “it’s important for ENERCON to be involved with NAYGN to provide networking opportunities for people within the company and throughout the country, to continue to inspire and advocate for nuclear energy, and to inform the public about nuclear being clean and safe.”

A great part about NAYGN is that you don’t need to have a professional background in nuclear to become a member and get involved in your local chapter. NAYGN encourages people of all backgrounds and ages to join and use their unique skills to promote the organization’s goals and objectives. Becoming a member of NAYGN is an impactful way to boost professional development in your company, stay involved in the community, and have fun while promoting the future of nuclear, which is currently the future for a clean and healthy planet.

NAYGN was established in 1999 and consists of 100+ chapters across North America (US, Canada, and Mexico). NAYGN’s vision is to develop leaders to energize the future of nuclear.

To learn more, please visit the official NAYGN website:


There is a team of support and leadership that comes together to guide ENERCON’s NAYGN chapters.

Atlanta GA:

Farrah Khanpour, President: Civil Engineer

Chris Levandowski, Vice President: Structural Engineer

Sarah Davis, Social Chair: Safety Analysis Engineer

Drew Rodich, Secretary: Mechanical Engineer

Will Moody, Treasurer: Mechanical Engineer

Baton Rouge LA:

Perry Rodrigue, President: Mechanical Engineer

Ashton Ward, Public Outreach Chair: Electrical Engineer

Brad McNally, Social Chair: Structural Engineer

Avery Neal, Community Service Chair: Mechanical Engineer

Chicago IL:

Michael McGreal, President: Mechanical Engineer

Brad Ellis, Vice President: Mechanical Engineer

Kansas City KS:

Joseph Cribbin, President: Mechanical Engineer


The roles of the Atlanta, GA executive committee members took effect on May 1st, 2020 and will continue until their next election in Spring 2022. In their first executive committee meeting, they discussed their chapter’s personal objectives and how they will achieve them while ensuring their activities are in line with those of NAYGN.

Our executive committee members play a vital role in upholding NAYGN’s objectives to provide a forum for the professional development of their members and inform and engage the public about nuclear science and technology.

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