Our Role in the Clean Energy Revolution

By Esteban Gil

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Moving into 100% carbon neutral requires action – not just from the federal government, but from everyone. ENERCON operates on solid values outlined in our “Defining Excellence” handbook. These values focus on taking action to achieve results, and ENERCON supports industry action in the move towards carbon-neutral operations.

Rate of Clean Energy Added Per Person Per Year

Here are four ways ENERCON participates in the movement towards clean energy:

If you want to join our efforts, we are hiring mid-level mechanical engineers to work on projects across the country.

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear plants supply nearly 55 percent of carbon-free electricity in the United States. They are the most efficient and reliable power sources and can operate 24/7/365. They are a vital complement to other carbon-free energy sources, which are not always available and not as efficient. ENERCON is proud of being a leader in the nuclear industry, partnering with our clients to deliver specialized services that increase the reliability, safety, and efficiency of nuclear plants. But we also are active advocates in the push to continue nuclear R&D and extend safe plant operations.

With the ability to extend operating licenses beyond 60 years, ENERCON leveraged our licensing and regulatory support experience to successfully complete the first PWR US subsequent license renewal, extending the license to 80 years of operation.

Additionally, our nuclear engineers and NAYGN chapters are amongst the best in the nation. We have two engineers who sit on the NAYGN national board and our chapters regularly win awards for their efforts, initiatives, and support of the nuclear industry on a local, regional, and national stage.

Renewable Energy Generation (Wind, Solar, BESS, Hydrogen)

We are in the midst of a clean energy revolution. Renewable energy – solar, wind, battery energy storage systems, hydrogen, etc. – plays a major role in becoming 100% carbon neutral and help reduce the use of fossil fuels, which are the largest sources of carbon dioxide emissions. ENERCON is part of the revolution and we bring our engineering experience to the industry to support our clients as they work to make the green energy dream a reality.

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

EVs are a key component to reducing CO2 emissions across the country., but the rapid deployment of electric vehicles and associated infrastructure is changing the load profile of our grid and requires a re-evaluation of and upgrades of existing infrastructure. ENERCON is committed to the evolution of the transportation industry through nation-wide adoption of electric mobility. Our teams support the development of EV charging stations, site identification, and grid integration in a way that provides value to our clients and their communities while allowing us all to remain good stewards of the environment.

Electric Grid Modernization; Green and Smart Grids

As the demand for energy increases, power reliability is non-negotiable. Our country’s aging infrastructure is in need of significant upgrades to ensure we meet demand. ENERCON is a leader in grid modernization efforts in the Southeast. We support our clients and serve as advisors to the industry, how to most efficiently transition to smart grids, which will reduce outages and allow faster restoration in the wake of a disaster. After all, a reliable grid is a basis for supplying green energy to the United States.

The Future is Here

Excellence – Every project. Every day. This is not just our tagline, it is a commitment to one another, our customers, and our communities. We believe that excellence is adapting quickly to the changes of our clients’ and industry’s needs. This is the principle that holds us accountable to take action and pushes our company to be a leading engineering services provider. The future is here and we are committed to the success of the clean energy revolution.

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