With decades of experience at hundreds of sites in the US and internationally, we understand the complexities of balancing dynamic regulatory requirements with your business’ bottom line. To support you in navigating the ever-changing system, our dedicated air quality team develops strategies that limit regulatory pushback, minimize operational disruption, and optimize operational flexibility.

Our specialists provide unparalleled support, working as an intermediary between our clients and industry regulators. Backed by the resources of a 1,200-person workforce, ENERCON air quality scientists quickly mobilize to perform full exposure assessments and prepare a permit application that minimizes further requests for information. We work hard to gain a full understanding of your expectations and deliver a strategic, high-quality product.

ENERCON promotes innovation and R&D within our teams. As a result, we have been at the cutting edge of regulatory developments and product improvements, including new exposure assessment methodologies that help policymakers develop control strategies that reduce exposure to harmful air contaminants in our cities.

ENERCON’s specialized air quality teams perform the services in support of the following frameworks:

  • Air Quality Monitoring and Exposure Assessment
  • Emissions Inventories and Assessments
  • Regulatory Analysis of NSPS, NSR, NESHAP and Permit Acquisition Services
  • Air Dispersion, Visibility, and Off-site Consequence Analysis Modeling
  • Emission Control Technology Evaluations and Analysis such as BACT, BART, MACT
  • Air Quality Data Analysis
  • Air Quality Research
  • Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR)
  • Software development
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