To drive successful decommissioning and remediation projects, it takes proven, data-driven strategies that come from an experienced, credible provider.

ENERCON is an industry-leader in radiological services. Our teams have completed many decommissioning projects and have successfully terminated over 20 licenses across North America. We also have in-house supplementary teams of experts who complement our project teams, providing expert insight and additional strategic input if necessary, in areas such as regulatory license support and emergency preparedness.

Most of our engineers and scientists have at least 20 years of experience, and our senior managers have over 40 years’ experience in this space. We have faced and overcome almost every regulatory hurdle or project challenge conceivable.

If there’s a problem, our team can solve it.

Our stringent safety and quality assurance procedures have been fine-tuned over the decades to provide efficient, cost-effective solutions for our clients. We work within proven frameworks to develop a remediation approach and action plan, and support these plans with detailed, comprehensive dose models to further mitigate risk.

ENERCON’s culture of excellence means that we put a heavy focus on health and safety, which translates into safe, effective and reliable services for our clients, regardless of the project type. We have successfully planned, managed and executed projects for the federal government, municipalities, commercial nuclear power plants, fossil fuel plants, manufacturers, hospitals and many more.

Some of the radiological services we provide, include:

  • Decommissioning and Demolition Planning (NUREG and IAEA Guidance)
  • Decommissioning Cost Estimates (ASTM E2516)
  • NORM and TENORM Services
  • Remediation Assessment and Characterization
  • Radiation Waste Management and Shipping
  • Radiological Safety and Worker Training
  • Regulatory and Licensing Support
  • Remediation Modeling for Contaminants
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