License Renewal & Subsequent License Renewal

With an aging nuclear fleet, there is a renewed sense of urgency to ensure extended operation.

Now, with the ability to extend operating licenses beyond 60 years, ENERCON leveraged our licensing and regulatory support experience and has successfully completed the first PWR US subsequent license renewal, extending the license to 80 years of operation.

We support clients in all facets of license renewal applications and implementation as well as subsequent license renewal, with a focus on minimizing the impact on your operations and ensuring safe, reliable operations throughout the facilities lifespan.

Environmental Licensing

ENERCON is the only A/E firm to have prepared both the safety and environmental sections of an SLRA, successfully bridging the gap between environmental and engineering services.
We have completed seven license renewal environmental reports and five of the first six subsequent license renewal environmental reports in the US. ENERCON is a member of Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) and is actively involved in numerous industry working groups, including the NEI License Renewal Environmental Task Force and several American Nuclear Society working groups. Our teams have a comprehensive understanding of regulatory requirements and implement lessons learned from previous applications and apply safeguards to ensure all regulatory drivers are considered from the start of every project. ENERCON is also actively supporting nuclear energy advancement abroad, having completed several projects in the middle east.

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