ENERCON is a multi-discipline engineering and environmental firm focused on empowering our people and partnering with our clients. We pride ourselves in our data-driven approach, effective project management and thorough, proactive client support.

In response to the emergence of Electric Vehicles (EVs) and the anticipated impact to the distribution grid, ENERCON has aligned strategic partnerships with leaders in the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) industry to offer full turnkey EV installation and services to our utility and industrial/commercial partners. Our customer focused approach ensures that we understand the needs of our client’s communities and provide them each with unique charging solutions tailored to fit their individual circumstances.

ENERCON provides innovative solutions and operating experience that reach across multiple industries. With an understanding of our client’s priorities, ENERCON brings a team of industry leading engineers from industrial, power generation, transmission, substation, and commercial industries that balance proven experience with new innovative design perspectives and technical solutions. To date, our EV engineering teams have executed the design of over 4,000 chargers (46 MWs of total load) for various clients nationwide.

Group in hard hatsEV Project Approach

You can rely on ENERCON to handle every aspect of upgrading and expanding your Electrical Vehicle infrastructure projects

  • Gather Required Client Site Data & Expectations
  • Cellular Strength Assessment & Surveys
  • Site Load Capacity Analysis & Reporting
  • Phased Conceptual Design/Build Approach
  • Equipment & EVSE Recommendations
  • Environmental & Regulatory Compliance Evaluation
  • Utility Proximity Locating
  • Site Layout, Lighting & ADA Compliance Development
  • Pre-Construction Site Walk-Down
  • Construction Execution

EV chargers

EV Experience

ENERCON and industry partners have experience executing successful projects across the country. Through our experience, our projects showcase:

  • Industry-First Recognition
  • EV Fleet Infrastructure
  • Strong EV Domain Partners
  • Adaptability & Mobility
  • Commercial Returns & Economic Viability
  • Innovative Energy Solutions
  • User-Friendly Design
  • Successful Stakeholder Engagement Programs & Tactics
  • Multi-State/Site Concurrent EV Project Execution


charger in carEV Infrastructure Capabilities

Our immersion in Utilities and Industry Specialists provides the following services to not only meet today’s requirements, but also your energy demands of the future:

  • Site Evaluation & Reporting
  • Utility Coordination
  • EVSE Hardware & Network Services Procurement
  • Customer Outreach
  • Land Easement Acquisitions
  • Engineering & Permitting Services
  • Construction Management Services
  • Sizing & Specification of All Equipment
  • Electrical System Modeling & Load Analysis
  • Civil/Structural Foundation Design

ENGAGE with ENERCON to EMPOWER your next project.