ENERCON is proud to be a leader in the nuclear industry, partnering with our clients to deliver specialized service and efficiencies to your operations.

Our promise is “Excellence, Every Project, Every Day,” and we continue to deliver on this promise for our clients. A testament to this is our portfolio, which includes Engineer of Choice contracts at over 90% of nuclear power plants across the US, projects for every nuclear utility in the country, and numerous current and past projects throughout Canada, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. We have also performed the first 80-year subsequent license renewal for the industry – a project of which we are very proud.

We are well-known for our quick, responsive service and high-quality work that delivers streamline efficiencies and value to your operations. We put our clients’ goals at the forefront of each project, which is why we continue to be ranked by Engineering News Record as one of the top engineering design providers to the U.S. Nuclear Industry.

ENERCON maintains a quality assurance program that complies with 10CFR50, Appendix B; ANSI N45.2; and ASME NQA-1. Our QA Program has been successfully evaluated by the Nuclear Procurement Issues Corporation (NUPIC), the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), and various domestic and international utilities and engineering / construction firms. ENERCON is committed to providing the highest quality deliverables and services.

Our strong engineering / environmental combination delivers operational efficiencies and significant cost savings for our clients.

ENGAGE with ENERCON to EMPOWER your next project.