Excellence isn’t just something we say, it’s delivered in our projects through new technologies, collaborative service and bespoke solutions. ENERCON’s comprehensive environmental licensing and corridor & site selection services will set a foundation of success for your project.

You need smart, actionable intelligence at the forefront of your business decisions, which is why our teams of scientists, engineers and planners use the most innovative project management strategies and industry technologies to collect your big datasets and present them in a way that makes decision-making easier on you.

Slate Services

In today’s fast-paced, digital environment, having real-time access to project data allows proactive project management and reduces the risk of schedule and cost impacts.

Our GIS and technology innovators have developed a customized, GIS-based service called Slate that brings existing and field-collected data together in an online mapping and data management platform available to all project stakeholders.

Slate delivers data-driven insights through operational dashboards and tracking to provide better intelligence and immediate results. Integrating seamlessly into our client’s existing GIS systems, Slate is the bridge between data acquisition and real-time project management.

Corridor & Site Selection

Our teams leverage the power of big data to identify and choose the best route or location for your project. By working collaboratively with our clients, ENERCON’s siting process identifies not only the preferred location or route, but it also defines the alternatives considered, which is necessary to meet the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) requirements. Our process is quantifiable and repeatable, having been perfected over three decades of experience and enhanced with cutting-edge technology and software. Our detailed reporting also identifies potential environmental or regulatory risks that could create schedule or cost impacts in the future and provides potential mitigation measures.

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